Not all businesses are the same.
Not all business owners are the same.



As an advisor and mentor’s approach is flexible and pragmatic. By getting to know you and your business helps you address the areas you don’t have the time or the resources to attend to.’s services include reviews, assessments, actions and milestones. monitors the progress and works closely with your business to ensure successful outcomes.

  • Maintaining successful business partnerships
  • Looking at the way your business operates: systems, processes and culturally
  • Evaluating staffing, reporting channels, third parties
  • Reviewing operating costs and margins
  • Reviewing marketing and communications
  • Keeping you focused on what you do best

  • How healthy is the business really?
  • Identifying elephants in the room
  • Asking the difficult questions
  • Identifying your blind spots
  • Making the hard decisions



  • Reviewing your personal and business values 
  • Ensuring they are authentic
  • Aligning your values with the way your business behaves
  • Reviewing the value propositions for all your stakeholders

  • A clear vision of what is possible
  • Growth strategies
  • Identifying opportunities