Haddon.co provides business coaching and advisor services for small to medium sized businesses in the creative communications and digital space.

Christopher Haddon


Chris is a highly experienced facilitator and consultant with a long history of running small to medium sized businesses in the creative communications space.

Executive roles in communications agencies, creative agencies and a global brand consultancy have provided Chris with the practical, in-depth experience and grasp of the issues that small and medium sized businesses manage everyday. 

He sincerely believes that businesses with strong values and excellent communication skills will succeed.

Chris’s career includes the building up and selling of his own businesses in addition to executive roles in a number of national and international agencies. He has lived and worked in the UK and Australia with a career spanning illustration, design, brand consultancy, and marketing/communications.

What they say

"I can't speak more highly of Chris and his approach to our business. The clarity and direction that he was able to coax out of us has been revelatory. 

His intelligent, thoughtful and tactful approach to conversation comes with a wealth of experience and expertise. We are happy to provide an endorsement for anyone looking to improve (or even better understand!) their business."

Ian Hammond, Director, HammaJack